PBIS Brochure

Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Introduction

The Leonard J. Tyl Middle School introduced a new behavioral philosophy called Positive Behavior Intervention Support or PBIS. PBIS is a philosophical and behavioral system that meshes the values, attitudes, climate, culture and discipline of the school in order to encourage students to be active, productive and contributing members of our rich school environment. Through PBIS, our students are taught behavioral expectations in the variety of settings they encounter throughout the school day. Areas covered are: classroom expectations, hallway behaviors, cafeteria, library, assemblies, fire drills and field trip expectations. All settings that students enter at Leonard J. Tyl have the same clear and consistent behavioral expectations based on our core values: Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Pride.

When expectations are clear and consistent, 95% of students meet those expectations. Schools that have implemented PBIS have found their discipline incidents substantially reduced. By reducing discipline issues, our students can focus on their learning.

A large part of PBIS is reinforcing the great behaviors that student's exhibit daily with a diverse reward system. Currently we have implemented: Student of the Month, Students of the Trimester and Honor Roll Celebrations.

The faculty and administration have embraced PBIS knowing that ultimately it could help our students be more comfortable, happier and more productive at school.

Anti-Bullying Legislation

Core Values


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