Counseling Services

Most often, a child is provided with regularly scheduled counseling services after his/her Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meeting. Goals and objectives are completed at least annually. The school psychologist may work with a child individually or in a small group setting. There are times, however, when a child may need to see the school psychologist on a more informal basis. Difficulty in school or at home and/or problems interacting with peers or in other social situations may be reasons for this type of short term service. In either case, the permission of the parent or guardian is necessary for any on-going service provision.


Mrs. Taylor.

What is a school psychologist?

A school psychologist is a state certified professional trained to assist students in the academic setting. A school psychologist is part of the special education team and provides assistance to teachers and administrators.

What about testing?

A school psychologist may help with the evaluation of students. One type of test that a school psychologist administers will yield an IQ (intelligence quotient) score. This is helpful in determining the type of educational services a child may need. Projective testing helps to provide insights as to the feelings and decisions that a child may make. As with any service provided by the school psychologist, permission from a parent or guardian is necessary before services may begin.


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